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    Our Mission

    Invention,innovation,sharing,quality,team work and cooperation,success

    Dr.Chanyue Wang: Company Chairman/Managing Director. She is responsible for the overall

    management of technological projects and marketing and finance of the company. Dr. Wang is a

    top-notch academic leader and entrepreneur with extensive experience in business management.

    In 1995, she graduated from the University of Ghent, Belgium with a PhD. She then moved to

     the United States Environmental Science and Engineering Department at Rice University for

    her postdoctoral Research. In October 1998,she became a key personnel in large-scale research

     projects supported by the U.S. Department of Defense.  From then, she went on to pursue

     pharmaceutical research at both Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Global Analysis and Development

    Center and the internationally renowned TEVA Pharmaceuticals. Her research mainly consisted

     of drug discovery and reporting. Since 2010,she has returned to her home country to

     establish an influential role as the Senior R&D Director of Hainan Phermaceutical Co., Ltd.

    as well as the co-founder and chairman of Zhejiang Meihua DingChang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


    ChuanYi Wang: Finance Director. Mrs. Wang graduated from Shanghai University of Finance

     with a Bachelors in Economics. She has 30 years of professional experience in accounting

     and financial management.Dedicated and loyal to the company, she is an essential part of

     MHDC’s management team.With her experience, she is able to establish and improve the

    business goals of the company all while integrating appropriate policies in handling the

    company’s finances. Budgeting,decision-making, controlling fees and costs, etc. are all

     handled under her supervision.


    Dong Shuran (Market Fund-Raiser)

    Master of International Management, University of London, UK.

    Former British Kaisheng Investment Advisory Shanghai Office and Shanghai Yongda Investment Group Investment 

    Analyst. Have expertise in the financial industry and international management.