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       ShaoXing is the home of many of Chinese greatest historical attractions such as the Shen's

    Garden, Mirror Lake and King Yu's Mausoleum. It is even known as the 'Cultural State' for

    being the birthplace of many famous artists and wirters/poets in the past. Having also been

    a major administrtive area since 770BC, where it was the capital of the Yue Kingdom, ShaoXing

     boasts a diverse collection of Chinese history,including structures,entertainment and politics.

       In terms of cuisine, ShaoXing rice wine is famous all over China and their seafood is very

     popular within the loal area. Modern day ShaoXing keeps many of the unique cultural aspects

     found in the past meanwhile possesses present-day entertainment such as the addition of many

     large shopping malls and an incresed nightlife.It has also become a hotspot for technological

     companies in particular to expand as many companies have seen the merits of ShaoXing as an

     area presents.