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           Zhejiang Meihua Ding Chang Pharmaceutical Technology co., LTD (MHDC) is situated on 1000

    square meters of land in ShaoXing province, China. It is a new high-tech enterprise with a

     global pharmaceutical strategic vision and professional background. Our team is comprised

     of experienced leaders in advanced pharmaceutical technology, analytical techniques, and 

     cGMP knowledge. While devoting itself to the research and development of new drugs, MHDC

     also provides domestic technolgical research and development cooperation. At the same

     time, the company will continue to work towards goals of understanding the methods of

     biological polypeptide preparation, researching unique methods of drug development, and

     ultimately aiming to enter the international market.

           The company’s technology and management team were acquired from major pharmaceutical and

     medical device companies from America. With a wide range of experienced leaders and new

     talents, every department can hold their own against their international counterparts. The

     company’s technology and management teams have been able to work together to successfully

     enhance new drug research in many areas such as development innovation, cGMP, and drug

     quality control analysis.

           In addition to our technology and management team, we have many experts in the field who

    work specifically on developmental research and checking/identifying drugs. They have

     specialized knowledge in innovating new drugs, prescription studies, method development,

     validation, and analysis.  They are also trained to be familiar with cGMP, laboratory system

     construction, standard operation procedures (SOPs), NDA, ANDA, and IND applications, and FDA

     requirements needed before approving a drug.

          Currently, the company has 15 staff members. 95% have a bachelor degree or above while 50%

    have a Master’s degree. Our equipment contains the most advanced international analysis and

     testing instruments and perfect laboratory quality system in strict accordance with the

     international cGMP operation standard.