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          MHDC has advanced formulation equipment and analytical instruments. Amongst them, four of the latest waters HPLC and H-class UPLC liquid chromatography connected with both UV/vis and PDA detector with the dedicated Empower3 software,which is the data requiring network meet the requirements by the US FDA part11. Details are as follows:


    Analysis instruments:

     KURABO(Japan) Automatic Dissolution Instrument RT-J2000

    Waters Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography Acquity UPLC H-CLASS

    Waters High Performance Liquid Chromatography 2695

    Milli-QDirect 8 Ultrapure Water System

    Binder(German) Drug Stability Test Chamber

    Laser particle size analyzer LS-909

    Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator TITRANDO KF 890

    Sartorius Dalances Cubis(d=0.01mg)

    PERKINELMER LAMBDA35 UV-vis Spectrophotometer

    Injection equipments (including peptides microsphere preparation equipments):

    TOFFLON Lyophilizer LYO - 0.5

    Ball Mill PBM-0.4A

    Ultrasonic Cell Crusher 750F

    Ultrasonic Cell Crusher


    IKA(Germany) Homogenate Machine

    Viscometer SNB-1A

    Oral controlled-release formulation equipments:


    HANSE Fluid-bed(FLZB 1.5A)

    HANSE High-Efficent Coating Machine(CHC-38A)

    HANSE Fast High-Efficient Mixing Granulator(CHG-6)

    Spheroid Granulator LBLX-300

    CANAAN Hopper Type of Blender HSD10

    STE ZPS008 Rotary Tablet Press

    TDTF Friability Tester(FT-2000AE)

    TDTF Hardness Tester(YD-20KZ)